Chess Master 5 Day Crash Course Camp

Day One:
Bobby Fischer Greatest Games 
The Secrets to Mastering the Chess Opening 
Mastering Control of the Center 

Day Two: 
Chess Tactics of the Grandmasters
Winning Chess Strategy for Beginners 
Play the Middlegame Like a Grandmaster 
Live Simulation: Ranked Play

Day Three: 
Play Aggressive Chess Like a Bull 
Play Positional Chess Like a Lion
How to Attack Like an Eagle

Day Four:
How Grandmasters Defend Tough Positions 
Fighting in the Endgame 

Day Five: 
Essential Endgames Review
The London System vs Sieze Chess

In Full $125.00
or $30.00 Per Day
Note: All Payments Done Through Cellular Text Message
Phone Number Required For Reservation.